How to Check Windows 10 Crash Logs & Fix Errors in 2022

Increase computer performance by defragging and rearranging files on your hard disk. this This tool faster startup and provide better performance. Enhances startup speed by disabling unwanted programs. To rename a registry key, right-click on that key and select Rename.

Alternatively, you can click the small downward-pointing button in the input field. Once you have selected the damaged registry file, click the Next button in the bottom-right corner of the program’s window. The registry file will then be scanned this page for any errors. To fix a registry error, first make sure you have enough free space on your hard drive. You can use a free registry cleaner to scan your hard drive and fix any errors that may be causing problems.

  • Right-click the newly created key, and select New → String Value.
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  • Now, you have successfully downloaded the backup for your Windows Registry.

For best results, restrict your choice to multiples of 16, such as 48 or 64. Finally, adjust the Icon Spacing to accommodate the new, larger icons. To turn off font smoothing, right-click an empty area of the desktop, click Properties, click the Appearance tab, and then click the Effects button. There are two kinds of font smoothing , but odds are you won’t be able to tell the difference.

Run a SFC scan

Then, press DELETE from your keyboard to remove all the selected files. Ccleaner shows every file/ registry entry found in a scan to review BEFORE you hit delete. And with a good program, nothing is permanent unless it states so first.

Please enter the error message or code that you are seeing. Please tell me a little bit more about the type of error you are encountering. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding.

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There are numerous ways you can view the crash log and identify the reasons why your computer crashed. Here we present you a few methods to help you do so. All other activity such as OS changes, security updates, driver quirks, hardware failure, and so on are also posted to a particular log. So you can think of the event viewer as a database that records every activity on your computer.

Be absolutely certain to make a backup copy of this file before deleting it. Before deleting or renaming the file, take careful note of all your settings (locations of files, printer driver PRS file, etc.) because you will need to re-enter these afterwards. In this blank field, and then follow the prompts until a new shortcut appears on the desktop.

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